domingo, agosto 08, 2004


The city is full of flowers, since last week Medellín was in "Feria de las flores" . This was the longest weekend of the year, on friday I went to Santa Elena a town near the city to see how the farmers make their silletas, a silleta is a giant floral arrange (will post pictures later) that can get to weight 180 pounds, then the silleteros (the guys who carry the silleta in their back) go to a parade in downtown that last 3 hours, I don't have to say those guys are really strong, I were there from 8 PM friday til 8 AM saturday, I get home at 9am and slept a couple hours.
On saturday I spent the rest of the day at home, and go out like 9pm with a couple of friends. I was in my Operation Center, the poblado park, is a nice place to drink quietly, see some people and laught of the teenagers that think they are unique cause their hairdresses, I was there hoping to find a girl I hook up a weeks ago, but nope not a sign of her, so I concentrate my forces in the second bottle of rum, later like 1am come a girl I never met before she study history and in 10 minutes I was gettin piss for all the pseudo intellectual crap she was spitting like a chaingun, like 3 am we get bored there and head to the house of the psedointellectual girl, there we drink another bottle of rum like 4,30 I was really sleepy and say goodbay for good and again home 5am sunday, slept til noon and now my body is full of pain, this weekend was apart from sleepless pretty funny and sexually interesting, the history girl results being a lesbian with desiree of experiment, but by the time I noticed this I got a serius case of sleep disorder and the last thing in my mind was sex.

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