miércoles, agosto 04, 2004

I thought I'll never say this, but I want a girlfriend. So many weekends drinking and dancing and fucking, waking on Sunday at noon with hungry and a dry mouth, the pockets empty and feeling emptiness, like a hole somewhere between my chest and my chin, I used to think that friends will be enough, but now I think was wrong, so I'm looking again for love, but itsn't easy after a long time walking solo, don't know if my standards are higher or lower, but seems that nobody fits in, some are so childish, other like a sphinx without a secret, others seems ok for a while but then I notice the hairy lunar in her back or the voice or anything that at first look trivial an later becomes her, earlier last month I can almost say that I've found the one, but I wasn't the one for her. And now I´m back to the old good routine, beer, rum, dance, kiss, rum, beer, food, sex, sleep, dry mouth, empty pocket, emptiness. At first it seems like a virtuous circle, now I realize it's a vicious circle.

2 comentarios:

  1. Oye, tu profile se parece mucho al mio!

  2. lo mismo pense de tu perfil cuando lo vi, pero a mi me gusta mas la literatura y a vos el porno, pero tenes razón parece que nos gusta el mismo tipo de peliculas y de libros, en musica no se porque hablamos de generos y nada especifico.