martes, agosto 24, 2004

The other side

I was born and grow in a dangerous neighborhood, and sometimes when I'm walking my faces is in rictus, is a mechanism of defense, if I look piss, other people won't dare to mess with me, is stupid I know.
I'm divided by two main pieces, one is the uncensored guy who post here more often, the other piece is my sensitive side, the one only a few people really knows. Initially the uncensored part was relegated in the dark, only seen the light when I get confident or a little drunk, but these has changed, now my sensitive side is the dark, and only see the light once in a while maybe with a tree full of yellow flowers or with a butterfly passing nearby.
For me, life is a quest to reconcile my pieces, try to keep me at edge of sanity.

parenthesis: why in the name of hell, I get erections in my work reading stupid mails, or the newspaper.

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  1. Anónimo10:20 p. m.

    clearly, you must find the news arousing in more ways than one.