lunes, septiembre 13, 2004


Like a Picasso paint my mind could be seen in a glimpse, but every aspect could take a while to digest, in other words, you could see the trees, but the squirrels running needs more attention to be notice, the posts in English are the last mask I try to keep up, in Spanish I relax myself and try to be funny and easy going, but that's just a little me.
Everybody at some point in his life knows there's something wrong with his mind, and start thinking "I'm good? I'm bad?, is this ok?". My conclusion is who care, or in shorter terms S.F.W. I'm not sad, I'm not depressed, I'm still standing, waiting for something or someone, hoping the clocks starts ticking again. Laziness is the mother of all the vice some say, well, I say boredom is the mother of all the vice.

Ps, I really like the Shakespearean insulter, enjoy

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